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Why, in the Ottawa Real Estate market should you be concerned about Staging?

First impressions mean even more in a slower Ottawa Real Estate Market

In a hot real estate market, even homes that don’t give the greatest first impression will still sell. However, as the market cools off, the listings that show well will be the ones that sell faster and for a better price.  The Ottawa Real Estate market is no exception.

Recent economic uncertainty has led to more of a buyers’ market, in this market Staging and preparing a home for sale is more critical now than ever before.

While interior decorating concentrates on making people feel more at home in their interior space, the objective of staging is to make the home more marketable inside and outside. Staging usually involves getting rid of clutter and “depersonalizing” a home.

Most people can’t see themselves in someone else’s home.  Too much clutter or outrageously decorated or in need of a major clean-up can throw buyers off.  Staging a home for sale can make a huge difference in the outcome of the deal.

Although the cost to hire a professional home stager can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, it’s a service that is worth the investment, even if the property is priced properly.  Or better yet… Just Ask your Ottawa Real Estate professional if he or she can offer any helpful staging tips.

Remember staging works!!!   If you want to know more… Just Aks.