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Feds pull the plug on ecoENERGY grants

I’ve just received word from the Federal government regarding the ecoENERGY grant program. Sadly, the Federal government has decided to cancel this grant program effective April 1st. Unfortunately this is not an April fools joke (the Feds don’t posses a sense of humour!!)

That being said, it appears that the Ontario government will still continue with their grant program. This will mean that any homeowners will still have access to up to $5,000 in government grants for energy efficient home improvements. While this is less substantial then original combined federal and provincial amount of $10,000 in grants – it still is a very worthwhile incentive.

This will not impact the post-evaluation process for those individuals who have already done their first evaluation. Those individuals who have recently had their first evaluation still have between now and March 2011 to do their retrofits and have their second evaluation completed.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know involved in the program so as to assist them in planning their projects accordingly.